Dating jewish birthdays advice for senior dating behavior

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Dating jewish birthdays

You may also wish to edit into your question support for your assertion that, per kabala, birthdates are important, since without that assertion, the question is groundless.

first I would like to make a comment about your use of the word astrology.

One should take pride in studying this material, as the Talmud (Shabbat 75a) states that it is praiseworthy to calculate the tekufot (solar seasons), and that when the Torah says “for this is your wisdom and understanding in the eyes of the nations,” it is referring to knowledge of the Jewish calendar (Devarim 4:6).

Most calendrical systems, however, have some sort of cyclical nature, usually one that relates to a natural phenomenon.

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In 1629, some members of the Jewish community -- angry at Rabbi Heller for determining how a federal tax should be paid -- had him framed and thrown in prison.

Forty days later he was released, penniless, and was forbidden from practicing as a rabbi.

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Even if he does not take you up on the offer, and you suspect that he won't, that is okay because you have done your part to facilitate his Shabbat observance.