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Of particular interest is the 1764–1765 census of Polish Jewry which undercounted the Jewish population (since the census was for purposes of taxation, Jews tended to evade enumeration) but is nevertheless a valuable source for studying the Jewish family and household.In this material women are prominent not only as wives, mothers and daughters, but as servants and widowed heads of households as well.The first man and woman are shown in nearly symmetrical idealized poses: each with the weight on one leg, the other leg bent, and each with one arm angled slightly upward from the elbow and somewhat away from the body.The figure of Adam is reminiscent of the Hellenistic Apollo Belvedere, excavated in Italy late in the fifteenth century.The course will encourage you to develop practical and intellectual familiarity with advanced research in both British and continental European history.You will be encouraged to develop your knowledge of a foreign language in parallel to your course work.Evidence of religious faith and practice, as well as of magic, goes back nearly one hundred thousand years.

Religious and magical beliefs and practices may have emerged in an effort to coerce the superhuman forces thought to animate or direct the natural world.

The third type of source that can relate to women consists of traditional rabbinic literature and classic literary historical sources, such as the (c. By concentrating on the background of these works, rather than the foreground that was intended to be the focus of attention, readers can often learn details about women’s dress, occupations, courtship and marriage customs, child-rearing practices, status in the family and the community, housekeeping matters, education, religious practice, etc.

In theory, Polish-Jewish society was highly genderized, with each gender occupying its particular social and cultural sphere.

The latter will be encouraged to develop their master’s and doctoral proposals in tandem during the first few months, so that they will be well placed to make doctoral applications in January.

You will be invited to present and receive feedback on your work-in-progress at a conference specific to this programme at the start of Trinity term.

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The branch Adam holds is of the mountain ash, the Tree of Life, while the fig, of which Eve has broken off a branch, is the forbidden Tree of Knowledge.

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